Polaroid 110A/Instax Wide Conversion Project


I recently joined the Worldwide Instax Shooters group on Facebook and was inspired to attempt a Polaroid 110A conversion project. There was a post about a Polaroid 110A/B conversion where a hacked Instax 210 Wide camera was attached to the back of the Polaroid to take advantage of the professional quality lens on the camera.

I searched Craigslist and came up with this very nice condition Polaroid 110A with a Rodenstock Ysarex 127mm lens, only the shutter is a little sticky, possibly requiring a disassembly and cleaning. I've been searching the interwebs and reading as much as I can to get information on how I can do this and also the conversion project on my own.

I will need to gather a few items, such as a lens spanner tool, Ronsinol or denatured alchohol, and a healthy dose of confidence to tackle this project, probably sometime this fall and winter. For the Polaroid 110A/Instax Wide conversion I will need a donor Instax 210 Wide camera. Though I have one already, I would prefer to get another one as the one I have is in perfectly good condition to continue using.

Look for future posts about the project as I go along.