7 Paintings in 7 Days


7 Paintings in 7 Days - Create-A-Thon 2017 update. Though I haven't been specifically focusing on one creative activity for a weeklong period at a time recently I have been making lots of sketches, taking lots of Instax photos and thinking about other creative ideas. 

This past week, I decided to paint 7 paintings in 7 days - 5 x 7 size mostly,  with acrylics, using my own photographs as reference. Brenda and I also spent one day at Rehoboth Beach and painted outside at Cape Henlopen State Park. I really enjoy painting landscapes, and want to work toward painting them in an impressionistic style. I like painting outdoors and would love to be able to do that more often, but it's just not possible with my current daily commute. Some evenings, it was hard to pick up the brush to get started, but I think that painting daily is the way to improve, no matter whether you feel like painting or not.

I think that I would like to expand on this activity and try painting daily for 30 days, not necessarily creating 30 paintings, but that could be my goal. The key would be to work in a small size, such as 5x7, or 5x5. I also have some miniature canvases, that could be fun too.