Mixed Media Art

Week 13 - Mixed Media art made with watercolor wash, Derwent Aquatone Pencils, pocket brush pen, and white gel pen. I've explored this style before about a year ago, but I wanted to revisit the process and continue to create new pages in my visual art journal. 

To start I like to make a colorful background wash using an inexpensive set of Prang Professional Watercolor pans. I usually prepare a few pages with background washes ahead of time and then when I'm ready to work on one, I choose the best color background for the idea that I have. I then fill in the page with solid shapes of color with the Aquatone pencils, which become quite colorful when activated with water. When those are dry, I then add details with brush pen and white gel pen. I think I like the anatomy illustration the best of the three I completed this week. 

Next up - Reeves Water Soluble Pastels.