Gouache on Black Paper


Week 6 - Reeves brand gouache from A.C. Moore on black sketch paper. I was inspired to try this technique when I watched a video demonstrating it on YouTube. I packed up my small traveling ArtBin that I take to work with all my tubes of Reeves gouache, metal paint palette, a few small brushes, pencils, pens, eraser, and collapsible water cup from Faber Castell. I also carried with me my backpack filled with the usual things and for this week, a small black paper sketch pad to use for the gouache paintings. 

I intended to work on the paintings on my lunch hour this week, but one of the days I spent fiddling around with the new set of magnetic adapters for my Slate, which is always in my work backpack.  Another day we all went out for lunch. I finally spent about two lunch hours working on just one painting that I was not really happy with when it was finished. That painting did inspire me though to create a revised illustration based on it with my iPad using the Procreate app.

One evening in my studio I painted a self portrait with white gouache going straight in with a brush without sketching myself first. I was happier with that result though it's not a complete likeness. Today I created two paintings, one from the art mannequin that I have and another from a silver Halloween skull from my anatomy collection. I liked the way the mannequin painting turned out, with the skull painting being more distorted and abstract.  

Kind of hit or miss with the gouache paintings this week, but not every sketch or painting is going to turn out to be a great work of art. I found the exercise challenging because I had to think about painting in the lights on the black paper, leaving the bare black paper as the shadows, opposite of the way I normally work. Although challenging, I enjoyed the exercise and may incorporate it into a future project.

Next up in Create-A-Thon 2017 - Paint or draw the same subject in 5 different mediums.