Nicole Premieré Dual Tip Markers

Week 3 - Premieré Dual Tip Markers by Nicole, A.C. Moore's house brand of alcohol markers similar to Copic markers. Brenda bought me a starter set of these markers for my birthday a year ago and I liked them well enough to purchase quite a few more throughout the past year when they would go on sale. I have an assortment of 50 colors, which have names like, Mango, Cabbage, and Grass. 

I had only used them once or twice up until this week simply because I was very much occupied with my film photography project in 2016 and had too many other art supplies to experiment with. I thought I would draw some dragons this week with the markers and spent the beginning of the week sketching out several ideas at lunch. I finally sat down with the markers on Saturday and started with Bienfang marker paper, but I found that the markers over saturated the paper. I made do with that drawing and started a new one today on Bristol paper. The color of the markers was very vibrant on this paper, but they didn't blend at all, forcing me to render the dragon in solid blocks of color. I like the way the drawing turned out though I will look for another paper to try, perhaps Copic marker paper. I've also tried drawing on Strathmore Visual Journal Watercolor paper which turned out pretty nice.

Next up in Create-A-Thon 2017 - value studies using Sakura Koi Gray Watercolor Brush Pens.