Konica Black & White Disposable Camera - 52 Cameras, 52 Weeks

Week 28 Camera - Konica Disposable Black & White Camera with 18 exposures purchased at the local Community Aid store for $1.99. After shooting through the exposures on this single-use camera, I cracked it open to find that it did not contain true black and white film but Konica Monochrome VX400 black and white film requiring C-41 processing.

The Konica came wrapped in its original plastic wrap with no markings, only the camera showing through. Konica started manufacturing single-use cameras in 1987, according to Wikipedia, with black and white film versions made after 2002. This one is unusual as it had only 18 exposures and was marked not for individual sale - I think it was a novelty gift, which were produced for major companies.

Shooting with the camera was pretty straightforward, just point and click, advance the winder to the next shot. I didn't shoot any flash photos with it, the flash battery appeared to be dead. I carried the camera in my bag and snapped a few shots wherever we happened to be going, then I finished the last half of the roll on my lunch break earlier this week.

Unfortunately, when I developed the film, I got nothing but blank film. I think the chemicals are still okay as I just used them a couple of weeks ago, and normally C-41 gradually deteriorates as it loses it capabilities. I will do a test roll with the chemicals to see if I need to get a new batch. Above is a scan of the blank film to represent the total fail of this week's camera.