Kodak Pazzazz Camera

Week 46 - Kodak Pazzazz 110 Camera that my stepfather found while going through his desk, which he then gifted to me (along with a few other lo-fi cameras). A web search for information on the Pazzazz indicated that it was manufactured in Mexico, but the model I have shows a "Made in U.S.A." stamp on the top. The camera came in two colors, rose and turquoise, and was a very simple 110 load, point, and shoot camera. There is an on-off switch for the flash, requiring two AA batteries.

I had not been shooting on the project for a couple of weeks as I was taking care of my mother in her battle with breast cancer and I was heartbroken when she passed two weeks ago. It's been hard to pick it up again, but I want to finish the project so that I can start the new year with hope for a less painful, loss-filled one than of 2016. My father passed in early spring, then our beloved family pet beagle, Cinnamon, two weeks later, and now my mother. Even though my parents have been divorced for many years, and I had been very distanced from my father, both of my parents had a significant, meaningful impact on my life.

My stepfather had been going through some things, and found a few cameras that he thought I might like, and this little pink (fushia?) camera was in the bunch. The name simply called out that I shoot with it, and I still had a fresh roll of Lomography Lobster Redscale 200 110 film to load it with. I had returned from work after being on family leave and wanted to get back into my routine of walking at lunch break and shooting photos of the city. I shot the entire roll of film on my lunch hour that day, but I admit, I wasn't very discriminating in my compositions.

As you can see in the resulting photos, this camera with this film requires lots of light, perhaps I should have saved a few shots to use with the flash on the camera. The film was processed with Film Photography Project C-41 kit and scanned with Epson V500 photo.