Sherman T. Skully - InkTober 2016

I have successfully completed the pen and ink drawing challenge for InkTober 2016! There were 31 brand new Sherman T. Skully drawings created this month. It was quite a challenge as each drawing took about 1 1/2 to 2 hours to complete from start to finish, sometimes spanning the entire day as I could find a few minutes to work on them. I created a list of ideas the week before InkTober to work from.

Each drawing started with a pencil sketch in a Piccadilly blank page journal, sometimes using reference for that day's activity. After working out the concept in pencil sketch, inking was done with a Pentel Pocket Brush and sometimes with a new pen that I tried that I received in my October Art Snacks - a Copic Gasenfude Pen. I liked drawing with the Copic Gasenfude, the tip seemed a little shorter than the Pentel Pocket Brush. The ink in the Gasenfude did not appear as black though as the ink in the Pocket Brush.

After inking, I used watercolor pencils on the cream colored paper of the journal, which is not watercolor paper. After wetting the watercolor pencils with a waterbrush to blend them, the journal pages would really curl and buckle, but I like the way the color looks on them. The finished drawings were scanned on Epson V500 Photo flatbed scanner. 

I will be continuing the drawings, though not on a daily basis, so be sure to follow @sherman.t.skully on instagram to see what he gets into next.