Akira TC-002 35mm Plastic Camera

Week 42 - Akira TC-002 plastic 35mm camera purchased at a yard sale for 50¢. This camera is not very sturdy, but it had holga-like settings on the plastic lens so I thought I would give it a try.

I used a roll of Film Photography Project FPP EDU200, which is black and white surveillance film made by FOMA. I was about a week behind on cameras in the project, so I pulled a double with this week's shooting. I wanted to get this done quickly so rather than walking around town as usual, I loaded up my heavy bag with about 5 cameras (not all of them were for the project) and hopped in my car for a drive. I drove around a part of town that I hadn't been to for photos for months. I don't know if people look upon me suspiciously as I hop out of my car with my cone head shaped stocking hat, snap a photo of something mundane and quickly get back in my car.

The Akira TC-002 was easy to shoot with although the film advance seemed to skip a little, which was evident on the resulting negatives, some of the photos overlapped slightly. The settings are cloudy, partly cloudy, sun, and super sunny, which correspond to f6, f8, f11 and f16. It has a focus-free plastic f5.6 50mm lens. I couldn't judge what I was seeing in the viewfinder as accurate, I tried to frame up the shots best as possible. Regardless, I thought the compositions of the some of the photos came out great, though the negatives are a bit grainy. 

The recommended processing was with Kodak D-76, but I didn't have any mixed, so caffenol it was for the usual 9 minutes at room temp. Scanning was with Epson V500 Photo.