Deep Blue Gear 35mm Camera

Week 41 - Deep Blue Gear Waterproof Camera purchased for 99¢ at the local Community Aid. This is simply a plastic toy camera enclosed in a waterproof case. There is no battery and has a focus free 28mm lens. When I was checking it out in the store, I wasn't able to determine if the shutter worked, the shutter only works with film inside.  I couldn't find any information on the camera in a web search, but I believe that it is a snorkeling camera, I found a company called Deep Blue Gear that sells snorkeling gear.

I grabbed a roll of Kodak 400 from the supply of film that Brenda and I had bought from Craigslist a while ago. This guy had boxes of film that he was selling for 25¢ each, so we bought a 100 rolls, using it mainly for testing cameras, as who knows how the film was stored. Most of the rolls have turned out fine.

I went out and about Hanover on Sunday afternoon with the Deep Blue Gear and managed to use the whole roll of film in about an hour The camera is very light, no controls, just point and shoot. I could concentrate on composing photos, only the lens is much wider than indicated in the viewfinder. The resulting photos are much further away than they appeared in the frame. Now that I've tested it, I know I need to get in really close for the results I'm looking for the next time using it.

My favorite photos from the roll are the ones from the industrial area of Hanover along Middle Street. The film was processed with the FPP C-41 kit and scanned with Epson V500 Photo.