Plein Air Painting at Sachs Bridge

On Sunday, I finally had a chance to get out and try Plein Air Watercolor Painting with a homemade watercolor field easel. I first saw the easel on one of my favorite YouTube channels, The Mind of Watercolor, and had wanted to make one for myself. I've been sketching in my small watercolor journal with photographs that I've taken for reference, but I really wanted to experience sketching out in the open after seeing it done on some of my favorite YouTube channels. I already had the materials I needed to construct the easel and I had a fairly strong and stable camera tripod to mount it on. I "borrowed" my son's no longer used camp stool to finish out my Plein Air setup and I was eager to get out there. I couldn't decide if I wanted to go out to the marina by Lake Marburg at Codorus State Park or drive over to Devil's Den at Gettysburg. On the way over to Gettysburg, I decided that maybe I would check out the Sach's covered bridge to see if there were many people there. There was no one else there when I arrived, so I walked around a bit to see what would be the best angle to capture the bridge and also not be in the way of anyone's photos while painting. After much fiddling and fussing with my supplies to get everything just so, I started sketching while also keeping a lookout for wild things in the tall grass behind me. After a while, I settled in and really started to get into the drawing and was about to start painting when the first onlooker came over to see what I working on. I will have to get used to people talking to me and watching me paint, which is not easy for me to do. One other gentlemen came over later to see what I was working on. I really only sketch and paint for my own enjoyment, with no intentions of displaying my work to sell, so it really shouldn't matter what someone else might think of my abilities. I really just want to enjoy what I'm doing now that our kids have grown and I have time to pursue my creative hobbies. It was starting to get really hot and also near lunchtime, so I decided to finish up and head home. I will say that I really enjoyed Plein Air Painting and would like to get out there again soon.