A Visit to Summersville Dam

In a recent post, I wrote about a Kodak Brownie Fiesta camera that was found in a Goodwill store in West Virginia. The camera had an exposed roll of Kodacolor X that I developed this afternoon and scanned. I developed the roll in Kodak D-76, which was what I had available, and the resulting photographs are black and white. I was able to recover eight images of what appear to be a visit to the Summersville Dam in West Virginia in the mid to late 1960's. One of the photographs was clearly of a dam, and a google search of West Virginia dams came up with photos that match the structure on the roll of film. There is another photo of a woman standing by her car with binoculars and another of a man with a body of water in the background. It was interesting to read a little bit of history about the dam, the second largest rock fill dam in the Eastern United States. I also did a search on Merrill Photo Supply Co., the photography store that was listed on the original purchase receipt of the camera and was sad to see that they closed in mid 2011 after being in business for over 70 years. Overall, I'm very pleased with this attempt at retrieving photographs from this long expired roll of film.