Camera and Film Prize

A couple of weeks ago, Brenda and I attended the 8mm movie screening of "The Basement" at Midtown Cinema in Harrisburg, PA sponsored by Film Photography Project. The Film Photography Project is my favorite podcast to listen to while commuting to my job in Baltimore. I listen to several other film photography and camera related podcasts, but this is the one that brought my love of collecting old box cameras and shooting and developing my own film together. I have been collecting old cameras, mostly Kodak Brownie type box cameras, since I purchased my first antique camera and a box of junk for $2.00 at a fire department auction back in 1989. The mirror was broken in the Spartus Full-Vue faux TLR film camera, but I took it apart and had a small mirror cut to replace the old one. My then mother-in-law bought me a roll of film to try it out and then I put the camera on the shelf and started my collection of vintage cameras. Several years ago I was intrigued when I saw a video on using Fuji peel-apart film in old Polaroid Pack cameras. I was amazed that film was still being made for these cameras and then I remembered that I had a Polaroid One Step in my studio closet. A search for Polaroid cameras on Youtube turned up a whole slew of videos by Film Photography Project and I proceeded to watch every one of them. Seeing that film was still being made for most of the cameras in my collection, I started a quest to shoot a roll of film in each one of my working cameras, now numbering over 100. So after finding the Film Photography Podcast several years ago on Itunes and listening to the entire back catalog and also keeping up with the current episodes, I was excited that I could meet the hosts from the show at the movie screening in Harrisburg. "The Basement" was a fun movie to watch and Brenda won an awesome Nikon N50 SLR with a Sigma 28-200mm zoom lens and I scored some free film (you might say that I won the camera, as Brenda has since given it to me). The next day I took the Nikon around town loaded with a roll of Svema 125 color film from the prize pack, then developed the film later that evening. I used the auto settings on the camera and plan to give it another test this weekend down in Washington, D.C. when we go to visit my son. A few samples from the Svema roll are shown here.